Who's Behind JMB Gaming?

Meet The Team:

Justin Bowman (Owner, Server Admin)
Magictallguy (Web Developer)

About Me

A little about me; where I came from to how I got here.
I won't bore you with too much detail, nor do I promise to keep it chronologically correct - but I'll do my best!

Who I am

My name is Anthony, I'm currently 22, and I'm from Bolton (United Kingdom).
I like to listen to music, play guitar, sing (badly), read, watch films, code, play World of Warcraft (for the Horde!) ... I'll update this list as I think of more xD.

How I started WebDev'ing

I started "coding" back in 2005. I was playing a text based RPG, and I was curious how it worked. I contacted the owner (known as Wesker, he's since dropped out of the WebDev world) asking for information on how such a game came to be, turns out he wasn't entirely sure himself. He knew very little about code, in any language, and figured we could learn together. I was granted cPanel access (as we had no idea what FTP/phpMyAdmin was), and had a look around.
After about 5 minutes of snooping around the control panel (which was, at the time, before x1!), I found the File Manager. I opened the first file I found and thought to myself: “What the f*** is this crap?! Ah well, if I'm going to learn about it, I may as well start playing with it” Turns out that it was MC Codes v1!
I found the index.php, opened it, and started adding characters in different places, removing characters from others, moving pieces of code around. You could say I intentionally broke the code to see which part did what. I'm a fairly hands-on learner, and a quick one at that. I opened around 10 - 13 different PHP files and read through each one, taking in as much as I could, then tried to create one based on what I'd read as reference.
I didn't do too badly. It worked! It was crap, security-hole-city, *very* basic, but it worked!